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For those of you who practice in the Colorado state courts, the CBA weekly newsletter had a snippet today about what constitutes official service through the e-filing system that you’ll want to pay attention to.  I suspect that similar rules applies in other states that have adopted an official e-filing system.  I have never had an issue with not receiving the “convenience” email notice, but this serves as a reminder to check your e-filing inbox periodically to make sure you don’t miss an important filing.

*** E-Filing: What qualifies as Official Service
Some confusion exists about Official E-Service through File & Serve – e-filing in the Colorado state court system. Many File & Serve subscribers rely on e-mail notifications to know that a document has been e-served upon them. Be aware: the e-mail notification feature does not constitute service and is provided by LexisNexis File & Serve solely as a convenience. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to regularly and proactively check the Online Inbox for E-Filed and E-Served documents. Read more details, including some tips, about The Area of Official Service on the CBA’s website.

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