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To follow up with yesterday’s CAB entry on Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor, here are some key quotes from other entries  from around the web discussing her record in class actions and related litigation:

Business Week:  “When it comes to class-action lawsuits and securities-fraud cases, Sotomayor’s record holds as a pragmatist.” 

http://www.businessweek.com/blogs/money_politics/archives/2009/05/sotomayor_on_di.html?chan=top%20news_top%20news%20index%20-%20temp_news%20+%20analysis (via Securities Docket)

Lots, Stocks, and Gavel: “[S]he took an activist position in favor of an interpretation that would have allowed the suit to go forward, in spite of specific language in the law that would have barred it.”


WSJ Law Blog: “There is no reason for the business community to be concerned.”


Reuters: “Experts say it can be difficult to predict how a federal appeals court judge like Sotomayor will rule on business cases as a member of the Supreme Court.”


Statutory Construction Blog: “I . . . found 3 cases where the Court reviewed a decision of Judge Sotomayor that involved statutory construction. They’re real snoozers, and am not sure they tell us much but…”


Wal-Mart Watch: “Most view her record [i]s decidedly moderate, though she has implied in the past that the gender and ethnicity of judges should and does influence their judicial decision-making.”


The Volokh Conspiracy: “[M]any in the business community were hopeful that the President would select someone who would fit into the Roberts’ Court’s overall approach to business cases. That is someone who is not overtly pro-business, but recognizes the importance of narrow rulings that reinforce settled expectations. . . .  Does the Sotomayor nomination conform to the business community’s expectations?  It is not so clear. . . .”


Forbes (by Walter Olsen of Overlawyered and Point of Law): “Issues of business law don’t come across as Sotomayor’s great passion one way or the other, so it’s hard to know what all this portends for the high court’s direction on business issues should she be confirmed.”


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