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International law firm Pinset Masons’ blog Out-law.com has an interesting article today on the potential for the implementation of a collective redress system for consumer claims in the European Union.   The article addresses two reports summarizing hearings and comments received by the European Commission on the potential adoption of an EU-wide consumer collective action procedure. 

The reports are less than definitive in proposing a solution or even in defining the problem.  Consumer and industry groups predictably at odds over whether a cross-border scheme for resolving mass consumer claims is a good idea, but there appears to be plenty of interest in the topic.  The report on a meeting held in Brussels in May reports an attendance of more than 200, consisting of consumer and industry representatives, public officials and legal experts.  Attendees came from nearly all EU member countries. 

Both reports offer interesting reading on the debate over collective actions in Eurpoe and the issue of transnational dispute resolution within the EU framework. For the report on the meeting and comments received, see these links: report of public hearing, overview of results of consultation.

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