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I am just about set to head overseas to the Netherlands to attend the Fifth Annual Conference on the Globalization of Class Actions and Mass Litigation, which starts on Thursday, December 8.  At last count, there were more than 150 registrants for this year’s conference, including yours truly and Andrew Trask of the blog ClassActionCountermeasures.  The faculty includes the world’s top authorities among academics, policymakers, and practitioners on global class and collective litigation.  I’ll be sure to post a summary of my notes following the conference.  If you happen to be attending, please drop me a note so that I can look out for you there.

On a related note, I’m excited to announce that the manuscript of a book of collective works that I’ve been editing on the topic of global class action litigation is finally complete and set to go out to Oxford University Press tomorrow.  The book, currently titled World Class Actions, is a practitioner-focused guide to international class and collective action litigation.  The list of contributors includes many of the world’s top practitioners in global class action litigation, in addition to authorites on local class and collective action litigation in every corner of the globe.  I’ll be posting more about the book in the coming months.

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