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It’s not too late to sign up for next Tuesday’s Strafford CLE Webinar entitled Class Action Settlement Objectors, Minimizing and Defending Challenges by Professional Objectors, Government Officials and Public Interest GroupsHere is a link to the registration page for the webinar, and see the synopsis below.  New Jersey Appellate Law Blog‘s Bruce Greenberg and I will be the presenters.   We hope you can join us!

Class action settlements can be jeopardized or delayed by objections by nonclass counsel, government officials and public interest groups. Particularly vexing are objections from “professional objectors” who may appear to be motivated only to extract part of the fee or take over as class counsel.

Government official objections are usually aimed at coupon settlements and settlement release language intended to bind state officials. Public interest groups that file objections have varied purposes and political agendas. Coupon settlements and cy pres provisions are natural targets.

There are several key preventative measures and tactics that both sides to a class action settlement can take to ward off and protect proposed settlements from nonclass counsel objectors as well as government and public interest objections.

Listen as our authoritative panel of class action attorneys discusses trends in settlement objections and best practices that both plaintiff and defense counsel can take to protect proposed settlements.

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