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I’m on the road this week with limited time to blog, but for those of you who are desparate for class-action related news and opinion, here are a pair of interesting op-eds about tort reform issues from The Examiner:

First, this editorial by Quin Hillyer discusses efforts in several states to pass tort reform measures that the author claims have improved state economies by curbing “jackpot justice” in “judicial hellholes.”


And this staff editorial discusses an AAJ proposal to create what the author thinks will be a “lawsuit czar.”


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The AAJ hasn’t published a “generous dispensers of recompense” list to compete with the ATRA’s list of “judicial hellholes,” as I very seriously suggested yesterday.  But the AAJ did send an email response to Robert J. Ambrogi of Legal Blog Watch in response to his well-publicized post yesterday discussing the ATRA report.   Ambrogi has summarized the AAJ response in this follow-up entry.  Not surprisingly, they don’t think too much of the report, although I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least take a few notes.

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