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The Class Action Playbook, Second Edition

I was nearly distraught when I recently misplaced my only copy of The Class Action Playbook by Brian Anderson and Andrew Trask (Oxford University Press 2010).  Not only was the book a handy guide to just about every issue one might face in a class action, but it is also an accessible introduction to class action practice that has saved me hours of having to explain difficult concepts to new associates (I suspect that one of these associates is hoarding my lost copy, but alas, I have no solid proof).  Thankfully, Anderson and Trask have released the Second Edition of the book, which now is available at the OUP website.   So, not only do I have my quintessential guide to defending class actions back, it’s up to date with the latest trends and authorities.  Just in time!

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Andrew J. Trask (twitterfeed: @classstrategist) of the international law firm, McGuire Woods, has a great new legal blog called Class Action Countermeasures.   The blog’s tagline is “Discussions of the Strategic Considerations Involved in Class Action Defense,” and it definitely lives up to that promise.  Here’s just a sample of the titles of insightful articles published on the blog over the past month:

  • Making the 30(b)(6) Deposition Work for You
  • Fighting Fishing Expeditions, The Oppenheimer Relevance Objection
  • Beating Plaintiffs to the Punch, The Motion to Deny Class Certification
  • Battling Third Party Litigation Funding: Aim Interrogatories at Funding Sources?

I’m adding Class Action Countermeasures to my blogroll and will be checking it for updates regularly, so opposing counsel, beware!

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