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Here are some blog posts of interest to class action lawyers from this past week.  Special thanks this week to Kimberly Kralowec of The UCL Practitioner and Scott Leviant of The Complex Litigator for adding links to ClassActionBlawg.com on their blogrolls…

The Complex Litigator critiques the continued use of coupon settlements in class action settlements:


The UCL Practitioner summarizes the latest decision on what constitutes restitution recoverable under the California UCL and Proposition 64:


Carlton Fields’ Class Action Blog highlights the recent Florida Court of Appeals decision in Nelson v. Wakulla County, — So. 2d –, 2008 WL 1774184 (Fla. 1st DCA April 21, 2008), upholding a trial court’s rejection of a proposed class action settlement–a must read for anyone getting ready to finalize a class action settlement.


The D&O Diary reviews a recent paper by Columbia Law School Professor John Coffee regarding the impact of opt outs in securities class actions …


… and discusses the latest trend in subprime-related class actions:


SCOTUS Blog provides an interesting analysis of a petition for writ of certiorari in class action litigation brought against various companies who allegedly aided and abetted the Government of South Africa during the apartheid era.


See this discussion in Appellate Review regarding a split in the federal Circuit Courts of Appeals on whether post-filing events can change whether a class action is removable under the Class Action Fairness Act:


Class Action Defense Blog offers a summary of a recent Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision resolving Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) issues arising in three would-be class action lawsuits.


See an April 22 entry in How Appealing for a link to a recent Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision regarding the impact of filing a motion for reconsideration on the deadline for seeking interlocutory review of a class certification order:


Thanks to the folks at Drug and Device Law Blog for posting a link to a great article last week in The Mass Tort Litigation Blog.  The article comments on oral arguments given before the United States Supreme Court in a case involving intriguing issues of non-class-action virtual representation and nonparty preclusion:


Wage Law, The California Wage and Hour Law Weblog summarizes a recent California Court of Appeal decision permitting precertification discovery for the purpose of identifying potential class members who might be suitable replacements for a class representative who lacked standing:


Mortgage Fraud Blog reports on a recent decision by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissing a mortgage fraud class action complaint filed against several banks for allegedly failing to supervise and monitor a mortgage broker:


Perilocity predicts class action lawsuits against software vendors arising out of identify theft:


Disgusted Beyond Belief vents articulately about common political criticisms that class action lawsuits are generally frivolous and benefit only greedy lawyers and not consumers…


…but the folks at Overlawyered might disagree, as they reiterate their criticism of would-be class action lawsuits filed against Coke in commenting on a recent Missouri Supreme Court decision rejecting class certification in Diet Coke artificial sweetener case:


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Here are some blog entries of interest to class action lawyers from this past week:

The Complex Litigator provides a thoughtful response to recent criticisms of California class action law and plaintiffs’-oriented class action lawyers.  (See earlier article for analysis):



Pom Talk blog for institutional investors discusses proposed EU class action reforms:


D & O Diary summarizes subprime-related shareholder derivative lawsuits (see internal link for information on class action lawsuits):


CAFA Law Blog gives a soulful account of a recent Fifth Circuit decision upholding a Louisiana District Court’s decision to deny remand of a class action filed by the State of Louisiana:


UCL Practitioner addresses proceedings in the lower courts following the California Supreme Court’s Gentry decision regarding enforceability of class action abitration waivers:


Boston ERISA  & Insurance Litigation Blog comments on the impact of the Supreme Court’s LaRue decision involving ERISA Section 502(a)(2) claims and a recent Seventh Circuit Court of appeals decision following LaRue.


Securities Litigation Watch provides some details and background on the Deutsche Telekom securities class action trial:


Class Action Defense Blog discusses class action discovery issues addressed by the United States District Court for the District of Maryland a hybrid class action – FLSA collective action:


Ask Korea Law offers an introduction to the Class Action Act of South Korea:


Portfolio.com comments on attorneys’ fees awarded to various firms in diet drug class action:


Carlton Fields’ Class Action Blog summarizes a Florida decision reversing class certification on standing grounds:


This article in Industry Week discusses a survey of trends in securities class actions in 2007:


Drug and Device Law blog discusses a recent opinion by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversing class certification in a fraud case involving alleged defective heart valves.


An unsuspecting class member laments receiving a $1.42 class action settlement check at FutureGringo.com…


…and Nation’s Restaurant News takes exception to a firm’s use of the English language in announcing that it “commenced” a class action lawsuit:


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