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The avid reader of CAB (maybe there are more than one of you now, but I don’t want to be presumptuous) will notice that I often comment on developments in class and collective actions outside the United States.  If you really want to keep abreast of the exiting trends in representative and multi-party litigation around the World, you don’t want to miss the upcoming Fifth Annual Conference on the Globalization of Class Actions and Mass Litigation, to be held December 8 and 9, 2011, in the Hague, Netherlands.  This annual conference is co-sponsored by the world’s leading academic experts in global collective and class litigation and the slate of speakers features the world’s leading practitioners, policymakers, and academics on the subject.

I have already signed up to attend this year.  Registration is only 300 Euros, and air travel to the Netherlands is inexpensive in December, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t sign up too! 

Here is a short synopsis of the conference from the Tilburg University website, where you can get more information, including a copy of the agenda, and information on how to register:

Despite continuing controversy and strong opposition from some sectors, class action procedures and mass litigation continue to proliferate around the world. What challenges do class and mass actions present to judges, litigators, business enterprises, and civil society?

On December 8-9 2011 judges, practitioners and scholars will gather together at Raad van State in the Hague, Netherlands, to share information, experiences and recommendations on these issues. The conference is co-organized by Deborah Hensler (Stanford Law School), Christopher Hodges (Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and Erasmus University) and Ianika Tzankova (Tilburg University).

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